Club Racing

North Tipperary Wheelers Club Racing 2018

The Club racing structure for 2018 is based upon a league approach adopted back in 2014. We are constantly looking at ways to improve it, therefore it is always subject to review. The structure is intended to make the season interesting for all abilities with something for everyone and therefore we would encourage everyone of all abilities to get involved. The more people taking part the better and more interesting it makes it for everyone! With all that in mind we’ve made some changes to the way points are going to be awarded this year in an attempt to make the cyclist of the year closer than ever before and thus more interesting for everyone… There will be less points on offer across the board so it will be much harder for anyone to pull away with a big advantage and also the points structure will mean the racing inside of each category will be more important which means even if your group isn’t first across the line, your position inside of that group is still important.


The club race calendar for 2018 will commence on April 5th and will consist of the following disciplines:

  • The JJ Moynan Time Trial Series
  • The Club Road Race Series (Inclusive of the ‘Lookout Trophy’ race)
  • Club Championship (Trophy) Series:
    • Club Championship Time Trial
    • Club Championship Road Race
    • Club Championship Hill Climb

We  will also hold a season closing “Flying Mile” but this will not count for COY points.

The order and dates of races are detailed in the accompanying Club League table available here. All distances and routes will be made available in the week prior to each race.


The Handicap System

Each rider racing has been classified into one of four categories for the purpose of race handicapping based on each riders TT time or the known riding ability of a rider.  Cat 1 will be based on a flat time of <24mins, Cat 2 = 24-27mins,  Cat 3 = 27-29mins and Cat 4 = >29mins. In the absence of a TT time, race category will be determined by the race officers and committee. The categories are set out in the League Table. Promotion to a higher Category may be based on a Time Trial result, or the known riding ability of a rider or equally a good TT result will not mean you automatically get moved up a category if the race committee deems that your known riding ability still means you should stay in the lower category. If anyone wishes to try a harder category than they are assigned then they can do so without the worry of being able to revert back to their graded category the following week if they so wish. Anyone who wins 2 road races while in the same category will automatically get promoted to the next faster category. The primary purpose of race handicapping is to have fun by giving everyone an equal opportunity to race against riders of differing abilities and give everybody the opportunity to win. In races, riders will set off at different timed intervals. The timing of each interval will be decided on the night by the race committee officers and are dependant on a number of factors including rider numbers, race route etc.  If you are unhappy with your category classification then please notify a member of the race committee and they will discuss and return a verdict before the following weeks race, there will be no debates on the road before the start of a race.


The JJ Moynan TT Series

The JJ Moynan TT Series consists of four Time Trials over the same course and distance. Points will be awarded for each TT based on finished position and handicapped position. The trophy will be awarded to the rider with the most points accumulated from their best three TT races only. The fourth lowest scoring TT result will not count. The points from the best three TTs will also go toward the ‘Cyclist of the Year’ competition.


The Club Road Race Series

10 Road Races (RR) are planned over a variety of courses and distances which will increase through the summer.  Each race will be handicapped depending on rider ability. Points will be awarded for each race depending on finished position and handicapped position.  The Club Road Race series will be won by the rider with the most points accumulated from their best seven races only.  The eighth, ninth, and tenth lowest scoring race result will not count.  The points from the best seven RRs will also go toward the ‘Cyclist of the Year’ competition.


The Points System

Points Allocation for TT Races

The points system for each TT race is based on both Flat Time and Handicap Time as follows:

Flat Time within each category

1st place = 10pts

2nd place = 9pts

3rd  place = 8pts  etc etc


Handicap Time:  Most improved time across all categories

1st = 10pts

2nd = 9pts

3rd =8pts

4th – last position (sliding order 7pts – 1pt).


Therefore, the total points available to a rider in any one TT = 20pts (10pts + 10pts)


Points Allocation for Road Races

The points system for each Road Race is based on both Flat Time and Handicap Time as follows:

Flat Time (first three riders across the line):

1st place = 5pts

2nd place = 4pts

3rd  place = 3pts


Handicap Time: (Points for first 6 to finish in each category only)

1st rider in each category = 10pts

2nd rider in each category = 8pts

3rd rider in each category = 6pts

4th rider in each category = 5pts

5th rider in each category = 4pts

6th rider in each category = 3pts


Therefore, the total points available to a rider in any one Road Race = 15pts (5pts + 10pts)

Riders with DNF (Did Not Finish) will receive zero pts.


Club Championship Races

Each club championship race is a handicapped trophy race. In addition to the trophy, the club championship races will include points that will go toward the Cyclist of the Year competition.  Points will be calculated in the same manner as normal TTs and RRs.


Club League Table – Cyclist of the Year

The club league table is intended to promote and encourage competition throughout the club and between the differing rider abilities.  The league table will be updated with the results from weekly races illustrating where each rider will stand overall in the club race league and within each category. Your competition is the rider directly above you in the league table in your category. The club league table is based on the points allocated from each race as described above. The Cyclist of the Year competition will include the points from each rider’s three highest scoring JJ Moynan TT races and the points from each riders seven highest scoring RR. It will also include points from Club Championship races, The flying mile competition will not contribute to the COY competition. To qualify for the cyclist of the year competition, a rider must have entered at least one J. Moynan TT race, one Road Race and one Championship Race. The rider with the most points accumulated thereafter will be awarded ‘Cyclist of the Year’.


Further points

Any race cancelled/abandoned mid race will not be re-run at a later date. The 3 lowest scoring races will still be deducted from COY.

Setting off in the incorrect category group will result in the forfeit of race points on the night.

In the event of a crash the race result will stand.

Drafting during a Time Trial will result in disqualification from the race. A 10 meter gap needs to be kept. If overtaking another participant then stay outside their line until well past them before pulling back in. If being overtaken then do not pull out behind the person overtaking you to try and get a draft from them.

Also, we are not the only cyclists using the roads and as well as the above for time trials, if a group is being overtaken by another faster moving group of cyclists they must not start drafting them. You either overtake them or drop away from them to allow at least a 10 meter gap form. Any cyclist or groups taking part in our races seen to be gaining an advantage by drafting people or vehicles outside of the race will also be disqualified.


Disputes and Resolutions

Any dispute on the allocation of race points can be made prior to the running of the next race.

Please contact the committee with any queries regarding the race calendar and proposed points structure on


The race committee’s decision is final.

Race Committee

  • Owen Hynes 087 0523275
  • Eoin Woods
  • Rob Dalton
  • John Foote
  • Peter Moynan
  • Michael Molamphy