Beginners guide

Some useful tips for beginners to the sport here. You don’t even have to read as they’re all videos! Watch them all and you won’t go too far wrong 🙂

What to wear (we recommend our club kit)

and what not to wear 🙂

What to bring with you on a spin:

How to ride with clipless pedals:

Common mistakes when you’re new to the sport:

How to ride in a group:

How to be nice…:

How to repair a puncture on the roadside: (It’s worth watching the rest of the series of roadside repairs)

What not to do:

For those looking to improve, here’s a good video on climbing technique:

A good video on cornering technique:

A good video on descending techniques:

A good video on how to avoid crashes and what to do to minimise injury if you do crash:

If you enjoyed the last video there’s more useful instructional videos on their website here:


The Real Rules of Cycling 😉

And last but not least here are the rules of the sport(Worth the read for the laugh):