Bike Fit

The art of setting up your bike can be a complex process and there is really no substitute for getting a professional bike fit completed for you by a specialist bike fitter. A good bike fit is not only about following a set of instructions and using certain equipment. A good bike fitter will be checking you yourself for flexibility and old injuries, then tailoring the bike to fit you accommodating your individual needs. This is very important to ensure pain free cycling as when you get into this sport you can find yourself spending a lot of time on the bike… 🙂

We have previously gotten a very experienced fitter(Aidan Hammond – Bike Fitting Ireland) to come and do a group fitting session with us in Nenagh when we got a group together who wanted this. If this is something you would be interested in let us know ( and we can put a list together of who wants it(minimum of 8 required). When we have the numbers we can then look into organising another session.

You can however do some basics yourself to make some key adjustments and ensure your riding position is as comfortable and efficient as possible.

An excellent guide to getting your proper measurements(incl. help videos) and there is a lot of detail in here explaining about different variations of bike fit is: This is also very helpful to find the correct size of frame you require.

If you don’t want to get very technical about it then there are some quite good and simple to follow videos done by the lads at GCN on Youtube. Here is their guide to a basic bike fit:

There are several other very informative videos done by the GCN lads about bike fit, position on the bike etc. to help prevent discomfort on the bike or worse, cause an injury. We won’t put them all here but they are quite easy to find on youtube.