Club Gear

We know everyone will want our gear as it looks so good but it is for members only!! 😉

Club gear will be generally ordered twice during the year with one order mainly comprising the summer kit (usually placed in Jan/Feb for delivery around March) and the second for the winter kit (usually placed around Aug for delivery around Sept/early Oct). Only gear which is ordered by members in advance will be ordered by the club. The club will still hold some limited stock of the most common sizes to accommodate new members and damage to gear but if you know you want new gear please order in advance when we are placing these orders to leave the extra gear purchased for these reasons!

Members will be notified a few weeks in advance of order placement and a 50% deposit on all items is required when order is being placed. This will help spread the cost of the gear for members rather than having to pay in full when it arrives.

A huge range of cycling gear is available in club colours and you can check out the website here at your leisure to see the whole range. We can order anything from the website but the more we order or any one item at a time means a reduced cost which is why we try to get everyone to order at the same time so everyone wins by getting the discounted prices.

Male and Female Sizing Charts are available by clicking here.


Current Gear in Stock

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