Mizen to Malin Tour

North Tipp Wheelers organised and hosted a Mizen to Malin Tour over 4 days in August 2016. The participants were mainly NTW members, but also included Lower Ormond CC , Vistakon CC, and Johnson & Johnson CC members, not forgetting Johnny Ronan and friends.

The Tour was very successful, going without a hitch. It benefited equally from good planning and organisation, and a strong tailwind! The weather was beautiful for the first 3 days, but it absolutely lashed from the heavens on the fourth day. By then we were closing in on the Finish Line, even allowing for a vicious little climb at the very end.

The following slideshow, some 25 minutes long, commemorates that Tour. It’s based on Selina Hynes’s photos, and moves to the beat of a strong Rolling Stones soundtrack. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the slideshow half as much as we enjoyed the Tour.