NTW Zwift

What is it?
Zwift is virtual cycling. Physically, you’re on their turbo bike, but immersed in a virtual reality where
you’re ‘on the road’, with a seamless connection between what you’re experiencing on the bike and
what you’re seeing on screen. You’re riding in Yorkshire but in your own gym.
What is Zwift? A Quick Cycling Overview | Zwift

The watts generated, calories burned, metres climbed on Zwift are every bit as real as on the actual
road. You work just as hard, and get the same benefits (but without the rain!)
It’s complementary to road cycling, particularly suitable for bad weather.
In addition to individual or group spins, it provides a wide variety of well-structured training
Alpe du Zwift vs Alpe d’Huez: Preparing for Reality?

 A wide variety of routes in different parts of the world (it never gets boring).
 Routes are of different length, include both flat and hills, and are of different difficulty levels.
 Zwift caters equally for the individual and the group.
 You can interact easily with other riders. For a virtual reality, it is surprisingly social.
 Includes both casual spins and planned events on a daily basis, either as an individual or as
part of a group.
 There are well-structured workouts and training plans. Whatever you need, it’s already
there (but no coffee!).
 It caters for all abilities. You don’t need to be a ‘Speedy Gonzales’ to both enjoy and benefit
from it.
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The hardware costs generally relate to the Wahoo Kickr (and other Wahoo add-ons), and will
generally cost anywhere from €1,200 to €2,000. It depends on your individual choices and

After that, there’s a monthly subscription to Zwift of €15, which can be cancelled during the summer
months, and reactivated again later in the year.
Zwift – How to get setup on any budget – YouTube

Once you know what you’re about, the set-up is relatively simple. Everything works reliably. To get
to know what you’re about, I’d suggest you either speak directly to either Rob or Gerry.
Alternatively, watch the Video clips.
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Who has it?

Currently, the members below are either actively using Zwift, or have access to it.

  1. Andy English
  2. Eoin O’Connor
  3. Gary Rowan
  4. Gerry McGarry
  5. Owen Hynes
  6. Peter Moynan
  7. Rob Dalton
  8. Stephen Hogan
  9. Liam Callaghan

Any queries, please contact one of:
1. Gerry McGarry: 087-6177759
2. Rob Dalton: 087-9234308